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(Fri Jul 9 15:50:45 2010)

Easy is hard!

I've been trying to come up with a menu system for the www side of the site. I have several options, but none of them give the best fit. I don't want to rewrite all my pages every time I update one; instead, I'm working on a neat javascript menu-import page. It works, unless you don't have javascript... that's where the trouble starts. I need a way to put a basic menu on each page, one that will only update if a page in said menu doesn't work. I'm probably just going to put in a very basic "back to home" in each page, then a full(er) menu in each index.html - that way, I can update each page, but only have to re-factor one or two files.

Meanwhile... making these pages easy to download and use is hard work!

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