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Made Some Errors

(Fri Jul 9 00:04:46 2010)

(This is actually a good thing)

Just a short note - I added some new error pages to both the blag and the wobsite: 500 Internal Server Error and 403 Forbidden. There is also 404 Page Not Found that I put up a while ago. I got tired of the boring old pages, so I ended up making some new ones, completely with poetry. It fits the site better (well, slightly better, anyway), and the poems are at least mildly amusing. To me, anyway.

Meanwhile, I really need to work on the look and feel of the site. It's nice that it's lightweight and all, but I'd really rather have it look nice... the error pages look weird with the search stuff. Not to mention I haven't touched the search engine for months. But, hey, at least I'm out of my rut and back to doing stuff; that's good, right?

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