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A Few Changes

(Thu Jul 8 00:17:03 2010)

Oh, and I can't stay on one topic. Ever.

During lunch today, I tried to research something that's been bugging me for a while - how Google know where my phone is. See, whenever I go to, it knows where I am. Not that I mind; my location isn't exactly secret, and it only gets it down to the city anyway. However, being the technology savy person that I am, I would like to be able to pull off this feat as well. So, off to Google I go.

Now, my initial assumption depends on that little checkbox you can mark - "Share location with websites." I figure there's some nifty way a website can ask my phone (through the browser) where it is located. As far as I know, that might still be a valid option, but I've not found a single thing about it. Instead, I found links to a Google API; one little query, and I have the city, region (state, in the US), and country of whoever is accessing my site. If they send me a message, I get their message and their city. Cool, eh? I could also get latitude/longitude or a few other bits of useful info, but I think I'll hold off on that. Right now, my feedback page is barely beyond proof-of-concept; it could use a lot of work before it flows with the rest of the site.

In short? I left to find a way to track cell phones, and I came back with a ham sandwich. Er, I mean, a general locater. Not to fear; I think I'm on the right track for actually getting and using a phone's precise location; if I have to, I might end up creating an Android app. Whew... what a time sink that'll be. Never mind needing to do all sorts of stuff just to post info, but I'll have to program in a way to sign up and everything. Actually, come to think of it, that might be fun! :-D

So yeah. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find a fun new toy to add to the site. I'd like to actually add geotagging to blags; there will be rather a lot of stuff added to blags, I think... geotagging, bootnotes, images, links, auto-tagging (that would be a cool one), the list goes on. And of course, for every one of those things, I'll need a setting somewhere. That's probably going to go into groups - you make groups, and you give groups permission.

Ok, ok, I wasn't going to mention it, but now that I've brought it up... bear with me, I'm thinking out loud.
There will be three default groups - world (everyone), site (anyone logged in), and inner circle. World will start with only the basics available, site will only have a little more shared, and inner circle will have pretty much everything shared. You can add your own groups, and give those groups whatever permissions you want. Some groups will be for grouping - school buddies, work friends, family, and so on, while other groups will be purely for permissions - can see certain pictures, read certain blags, or, as brought this to my mind, can see your location (and/or your location when you posted a blag. Getting it sorted out will be a great pain, though, and I'm not quite sure how I'll do it.

I'll probably never get done, but boy will I have fun! :-D

...Now see, this is just what happened when I was looking for location information. I started on one thing, and ended up on something else. Sigh... that will never change :-P

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