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Opera Rocks. Seriously.

(Thu Jul 1 14:06:24 2010)

Well, color me impressed!

Just yesterday I was looking at the beta version of Opera that had HTML5 and WebM (an open web video codec) built in. I don't usually run betas, but I was really considering it; I like what HTML5 has to offer Anything to get away from Flash. After thinking about it, I decided, nah, not at home - at work, though, that might do. And what's the first thing I see today? Opera 10.60 came out today. Spiffy! It was after midnight, too, because my apt-mirror didn't catch the change (no matter, I updated it by hand and away we go). So, now all my computers at home have 10.60, and all the neat bits that goes with that - including the new AVG bad-page-finder. Not that I need that; I tend not to click on scam pages, and Windows virii just don't work in Linux...

This is why I like Opera. It's innovative, it's fast, and it's fast with its innovation. It has more to offer out-of-the-box than Firefox and Chrome put together, and it does a very good job of keeping its followers happy. Sure, the widgets might need work, but the fact is, I don't need 'em. I have mouse gestures, speed dial, search-from-the-toolbar, and a host of other useful things, all right out of the box. Unlike Chrome and IE, that don't support that stuff at all, or Firefox, where you have to wade through a billion apps to find them, then they break every time you update. I just like Opera; it's fast, and it has every feature I love *first*. Tabbed browsing? Opera had it first. Zoom? Opera. Pop-up blocking/filtering? Opera. Clear private data? Sessions? Integrated search? All Opera firsts. And now, Opera is the first browser to support WebM, geolocation, and a host of other stuff. Sure, maybe they don't have a great user base, but that's just marketing. The browser is solid, innovative, and fast; I don't really care about following the crowd, anyway :-)

Note: I'm not a vicious fan boy that will tear you down for choosing Safari, Chrome or Firefox over Opera. I've even been known to point people towards those wonderful browsers. I'd rather you choose one or more of those over Opera than keep using IE, that [redacted] [redacted] heap of [redacted] with [redacted] holes [redacted] [redacted] mucus [redacted] elephant [redacted] censor. [Redacted].

So yeah, go check out Opera today! ;-)

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