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Trying Not To Be A "Fanboi"

(Tue Jun 29 16:04:13 2010)

Where do you draw the line?

Long, long ago, I was poor. Because of that (probably), I learned to be frugal, and to not spend money on stuff that I can't afford, or on stuff that I won't want in just a few weeks time. I learned that if I waited one more week (or month, or year), I might just not want that thing so much; and if I don't want it so much, then I probably won't need it. Obviously, sometimes, I wait for a while and end up just wanting (or needing) that thing more (for instance, a desktop: in my college days, I lived for a while without one, but eventually, it was just too much, and I spent two weeks worth of food money on a computer). Because of this, I've never gotten caught up in any sort of "iPhone fever." While they are pretty phones, and I'm sure work well enough, they just aren't something that I've ever really wanted. Then again, I didn't fall head-over-heels for Windows Vista or those new electric cars, either. Even the computer I do have are cheap; I build them myself, and I don't just upgrade my computers, I cascade them - my old parts go to Lindsay's computer and/or the media center, Lindsay's computer goes to replace Xan's, Xan's becomes the new webserver, and the old webserver may go on to become something else entirely. I had a Windows Mobile phone, and it did what I wanted - made calls, surfed the net, and sometimes played games. It took notes, and generally did what I needed, without any frills. I might read about the Great Phone Debates, but I've never felt the urge to do any fan-boy rambling of my own. I still don't, really.

Even so, ever since I've gotten my Google phone (Motorola Droid), I've found myself interested in the release process. It was fun going through the app store and finding apps like MotoFlash, or My Console; it was neat o discover my photos automatically get geotagged. And since my phone is actually new, it has been massively rewarding to show others that my phone is, indeed, better than theirs (see: flashlight app). Now, I'm not trying to go all Android Fan Boy on you - that sort of thing annoys me as much as the next guy. I'm a bit fed up with Apple, to be sure; but I'm not going to bash them for a product I've never tried.

However, you will have to pardon me as I let a little excitement show through. I'm waiting eagerly for the 2.2 (FroYo) update to be released; not only will it have useful things like true multitouch and bluetooth headset dialing, but I get real Flash support and the ability to be a WiFi hotspot, too. Yeah, you heard me - a WiFi hotspot. Forget the MiFi, my phone can do that anyway! You can almost *taste* the awesome!

Which brings me to my summary - where do you draw the line? If one phone is clearly better than another, are you a fanboy for supporting it? I suppose a fanboy is one who refuses to see the flaws - so let me tell you right now, the "vibrate only doesn't turn off media sounds" is really, really annoying. It bugs the heck out of me. If I put my phone on vibrate, everything dang well better be silent or on vibrate. If I put my phone on no-noises-at-all silent, there better not be a peep from ANYTHING. Which isn't the case. Grr. I'd tell you more flaws, but that's all I've found thus far.

I suppose I'm just saying that I really like my phone, and feel it was a very good investment. I use Linux on my desktop because it can do everything I want, legally and for free; likewise, I use Android on my phone, because it can do everything I want, legally and for free (well, thus far; I'm considering buying an app or two). And unlike my previous phones, the WiFi on this one means that even if I get a new phone, it will still be useful to me - I can just cascade it down the technology line. Which, honestly, works out just fine.

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