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Vacation Round-Up: River Fest

(Sat Jun 12 17:35:02 2010)

Ah, vacation. Rest, relaxation... well, maybe next week.

I've had an awesome vacation thus far. Sure, there have been some ups and downs, but I am intent upon making this a very memorable vacation indeed. So, here's what's happened my first few days:

Wednesday, the day we were scheduled to vacate, the washer overflowed. This was bad. Water everywhere, including seeping under the wall into my room. Not cool. It took a little to get that cleaned up, but we eventually got it sorted out. It rained, of course, making things even more fun; I sang "Wringing in the Rain" as I wrung out towels. Whee.

Then came the long, long, long, long drive. After a fairly boring drive, we arrived at Mom's at about 5 AM. After a few hours sleep, we spent Thursday relaxing (in the heat, bleh). Friday, Chris (oblivionenigma) joined us, and we all went to the River Festival. Yay! The craqfts section didn't have as much stuff that really caught my attention, but there were a few things - including a very nice hammock chair. We had some good food, talked, played LEGOs (and managed to lose Xan - that was a bit scary), and eventually went out to eat at La Hacienda (they have Conqueso - yes, it's one word, as in "This comes with Conqueso"). After another miserably hot night, we trouped out to the 'Fest again, this time to jog through the Arts section. I bought a few pictures, as well as some wooden toys for Xan and Ian. I got some good pictures this time, too; I'll probably upload some of them.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Chris and Loren; Xan and I spent some time playing on the playground, then we all came home for a nap. Well, everyone but me napped, anyway. I tried to work on my computer.

This is where another negative seems to have crept in - my computer, for some reason, is not responding. I can get to all but two computers - my router, and my PC. Mediacenter is fine, and Roc is fine, and Lindsay's computer is fine; just not the two important ones. I mean, I can still work on the wobsite, or check my mail, or forward ports; I just can't work on any scripts on my PC (or stories, or whatever). It's not bad at all, just annoying. I've got all my remote access stuff set up on my PC - VNC and so on - so it's a bother to have to set them up all over again, especially if it's on Roc, that doesn't have a GUI to begin with. I just hope nothing drastic has happened. I'm thinking not, since Roc is right beside Phoenix, and right over the router. If something physically damaged them, it would most probably damage Roc as well, and it's fine. It can ping the router, too; no idea why I can't connect to it. It's a bit odd, that.

Anyway; this has thus far, apart from the heat, been an awesome vacation. And we get AC in Arkansas... mmm. Can't wait for that!

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