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In this world you will have troubles

(Wed Jun 9 11:24:41 2010)

What is it with vacations this year?

Sure, I didn't get sick on my birthday - that was a relief, and I'm quite grateful for it - but vacations this year are shaping up towards NOT COOL. The quick trip up to Arkansas resulted in a flat tire and a hotel stay that we weren't planning on; this Sunday, we got another flat tire, and today (bare hours before we leave), the washing machine overflowed. Oh how fun THAT is. Lindsay is distraught, I'm stuck at work until lunch... so I ask again, what is up with vacations this year? I'm really hoping all these troubles get out of the system before we leave; I'm planning on having the best vacation EVAR this week, and I don't want flat tires, broken appliances, or bad weather putting a dent in it.

Hear me, troubles? BUGGER OFF!

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