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(Mon May 24 11:52:08 2010)

While my phone has been getting better over time, there is one piece that has gotten worse.

My very first (Kyocera Strobe) phone could do very little, but there was one thing it could do - the calendar had a setting to set the phone to silent or vibrate during events. To make sure my phone is silent at church, I just set "Church: 10:00-12:00", and magically, at 10:00, the phone would go to silent.

Then, I upgraded to a Treo 700wx; it had a physical switch on the top that set silent/vibrate or full sound. while it's nice to have a physical switch and all, it was a step down from my auto-set. I missed that function... but, I dealt with it. Mostly I just left it on vibrate all the time.

My newest phone, a Motorola Droid, is abundantly awesome in so many ways - except silencing things. Now, as long as I set each application individually to use vibrate, those apps will use vibrate in vibrate-only mode. However, this means that they will still use vibrate in full sound mode. I would like my apps to make full sound in full sound mode, vibrate in vibrate mode, and not make any sound in not-make-any-sound mode. But... that's not how it works. Sigh.

Now, it's not a huge deal. My Droid actually does do the calendar-based go-to-vibrate stuff that my original phone used to do, which is cool. It also does a GPS location-based mode, so I can turn off my phone as soon as I get to work (and turn on sound when I leave!), which is extra-super-cool.

Don't take this as a slur against any of these phones. I know why those options exist; in my Strobe, it was so simple that every piece of the phone was completely controlled by the OS, so the calendar had the power to take care of that. The Treo had a hardware switch, which means if it automatically changed, the phone might not be in the same state as the switch indicated. And with the Droid, the applications themselves decide what to do for silent mode. Completely silent mode is the only one that puts the phone in a known state; other than that, the OS has no idea what sounds programs make.

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