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KUbuntu 10.04

(Sat May 15 07:16:34 2010)

It's been a bit since I upgraded, so here are some thoughts

I've been using this version for, what, three weeks? There about. I must say - it's awesome. It really is. When I use a computer, I expect a few things; that things work, for one. KUbuntu does that, no sweat. Everything works, and many things better than before. But that's not why I'm blagging - no, I'm blagging because KUbuntu does that next step. Sure, everything works, but it goes beyond "works" and straight into "wow"!

Let me set the record straight - I'm not easily impressed. Not to say I don't think simple or it's-been-done stuff is cool, just that I've seen a lot of software, and it takes a lot to surprise me. But, KUbuntu 10.04 managed to do that.

The first thing was transparency; when you drag a window, it goes halfway see-through - not very useful, but it looks cool. I figured that out as soon as I upgraded. The next little "neato" thing I found was the wigets; in previous versions, KDE 4 was... well, it hid my desktop, and threw all my menus to heck. Not cool. The wigets in this version are much improved, and I've decided I like my desktop to only take up a little corner...
But that part that actually made me blink, then say "Whoa! Cool!" out loud was the alt+tab function. In Windows and Linux alike, when you hit alt+tab, a little box would pop up so you could cycle through icons. It's very handy. This version? All your windows go sideways in a little box, and as you cycle through them, they actually rotate around. Yeah, yeah, I know, they've done this for ages - but this is the first time it's built straight into the GUI from the get-go, and I didn't have to do anything about it. And, well, it's really cool!

There are a few new programs, too; Wine is improved, and all the programs seem to fit together better. There are still places it could improve, but it's good with me, and my wife hasn't complained a bit. Which is good enough for me :-)

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