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(Wed May 12 22:12:20 2010)

But not a 'stop to think'

It's been a few weeks since I last did anything on the blag; I've been basking in the underwhelming glow of an actual released project, mostly. Well, that and working on the other million things on my list.

It's about time to get back to this, though; version 1.1 is in great demand by everyone who will use it (that'd be... me), and possibly by a few people who won't (that's anyone who'd sign up; a sum total of nobody, right now, but hey, who knows). Anyway... The next round of updates will hopefully include a great number of administration tools, stuff like account registration acceptance, online page editing, and I might even throw in a handy news feed, if I'm lucky. Yeah, I know, self-centered and all, but hey; at least it's here, and it gives me something to do, right? 'Cause I don't have enough other stuff to do , obviously :-P

The bits after that are going to be the fun stuff - AJAX, JSON, and a lot of other acronyms that will make the site a lot more responsive, a lot more dynamic, and a *lot* more impressive. I'm actually working on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that will actually let you see links and colors and such (which is fairly awesome); it's pretty weird right now, but I think it'll work. Then there's all the images I'll be adding, stuff to really jazz up the site (and bog it down with huge image downloads, but at least it's for a good cause, right?). Basically, I've got a list of updates as long as my arm, but not the time to implement them.

Which is where you, dear reader, come in. Now, it would be awesome if I could get someone to code for me, it really would. That would so make my day. But, I know that not everyone knows how to write Perl, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, and thus feels, "Hey, it's his project, and he seems to be doing pretty well, so I'll just leave him to it." Before you run off, though, I'd like to point out - I've put a lot of work into the back end of this, but not the front end stuff. A little, but not a lot. The colors are weird, the images stale, and the whole place reeks of Unfinished Website. When I say I could use anybody - I mean it. So here's a list of helpful, non-coding things I really, really need, but just don't have time to do (but would make my day if you actually did one):
Take a screen shot of the page and use Windows Paint to fill in new colors (or a new design).

  • Get a text editor out and spellcheck the default pages.
  • Google for free images and build a user image database.
  • Find some free emoticon packs.
  • Write a text file full of smilies.
  • Write a list of features you want (ranked by "wish/want/need" would be awesome).
  • Find some code examples for neat features you might want (you don't have to understand it, just send me a link)
  • Write me a thank you note.
  • Say hi (Hey, I never said these were hard).

So, there's a list. I might even put this on the front page (hey, there's an idea - I could improve the front page!). If you could do anything in the list above... could you? Please?

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