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Dear Google:

(Thu May 6 17:10:02 2010)

Change is not always a good thing.

I love your search engine. Really I do. Part of the reason I love your search engine is because it is so simple; everything fits on my screen on my phone, and, well, it doesn't look stupid, like Bing. I would rather scroll down than across - mostly because that's how text flows. The useless side bar that's now appearing beside my searches? Yeah, that's a bad thing. It's distracting, and doesn't add anything to my user experience - especially when the only thing it says is "more". Couldn't you hide the whole dang thing until I click it?

And furthermore. Those "fresh", "new" colors? Yeah... not so good. Sure, they are new. Sure, they are... fresh. But I don't think you realize it could, just as easily, be called "cartoony", or "over-bright". Not that it looks terrible - I just thought my screen was washed out when I saw the logo.

Most importantly, though - are you blind? This is a serious question; every change that comes through, that search bar gets bigger. First it was a little bigger, then it was a lot bigger, then it held bold text... what's next? 72 point font? I can read it just fine, thanks; there's a reason browsers have that "zoom" button. Besides, I could care less about what I searched for; I want to see the results, not the entry form. And again - that's just more scrolling that I just don't need.

So, to sum up - I like you, Google. I'm not going to start using Bing, or (heaven forbid) Yahoo. But still - you own the search market! Why are you trying to emulate Bing? Trim the search bar back a tad, and quit trying to make me search for things I don't want to search for - instead, focus on how to work that in without my realizing it. Inlining videos and images? Brilliant. Putting a huge, useless bar to the left? Not so brilliant.

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