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Tired... So... Tired...

(Tue May 4 22:41:11 2010)

Also, cannot feel hands. Also, it's my brithday!

So, it's my birthday again. Great news - I'm not sick! Woo! On the other hand, I am typing this by looking at my fingers, because touch typing is pretty much out of the question. Seeing as how I can't actually feel my fingers. You see, I've been sanding; I've sanded the top, bottom, and all four sides of approximately 20 10x10 boards. With a power sander, yes, but one only by holding it in one hand; the other hand was busy holding the board to keep it from shooting away. Now, don't get me wrong; the bookshelves that I've actually put together look pretty awesome; meanwhile, I've only put up thee of the eight shelves, and it's going to get much more... interesting... from here on out. See, the first three shelves are, in order, 4 inches off the ground, 14 inches above that, 12 inches above that, and 10 inches above that. The next shelf will be even with the top of the media center, 8.75 inches above the previous shelf. After that, the next four shelves are all 10 inches apart, all the way to the ceiling. I'm going to need to buy another few boards once we get to that point... meanwhile, each and every board, and each and every support, need to be sanded, top, bottom, and sides, then stained and finished. Once they get two coats, I get to put them together; places each short, vertical board on top of the previous shelf, attach front and back with flat brackets, then place the next shelf on top. Three screws through the top per support, and the on to the next layer of supports... not that hard, just a bit precise. The sanding is, by far, the most taxing - which is why I'd much rather just attach all the finished product. And why I'd much, MUCH rather work with smaller stuff, like the clock I'm making (digital clock inside a wooden box; the front panel is a very thin veneer over the numbers, which shine through it).

In the last couple months, I've been swamped with work. Shelves, garden, cabinets, painting, cleaning... I need a break, I'm tellin' ya! Granted, most of my big projects are almost done - thank God! I don't think I could keep going like this indefinitely. Lack of sleep is one thing, but my poor muscles can't take it! Once the shelves are done, there is still the yard and garden to take care of, but that's not nearly as rough. Four or five hours of weed whacking and mowing don't compare to 20 hours of sanding, cutting, and otherwise hurting...

Speaking of which, I need some painkiller...

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