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(Sun May 2 21:20:10 2010)

So this blag reads like a commercial... who says it isn't?

I just installed Boxee on my newly upgraded Xbuntu mediacenter, and I must say... wow. I had hoped for three things:
1) VDPAU, so I can watch files/DVDs/etc. without lag
2) non-flash Hulu, so I can watch that with accelleration, and
3) a tiny bit more WAF than Myth.
now, I haven't tested the remote, nor have I gone all-ot and uninstalled Myth yet... but I'm THIS close. Boxee not only does the above three things, but it also uses IMDB automatically to find descriptions of shows, movies, etc. Plus, it has a feed section, so I could actually be told when shows become available on Hulu. Meanwhile, I'm impressed. There is a lot of bling you just don't see on free programs these days. it looks, well, awesome!

Now to make it autostart instead of Myth... hmm.

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