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Upgrade Time

(Mon Apr 26 15:20:29 2010)

So soon?

It's that time again - upgrade time! All software this time, though, no hardware upgrades for me. Things seem to be going well thus far, but I'm rather worried about a couple choices the auto-upgrader made. Ah well, I can fix it regardless. It'll just take time. Depending on how well this goes, I might start upgrading my other computers, too; the media center, for one, really needs it, to access some of the more useful features of Boxee.

Anyway, upgrading should be a breeze, at least as far as getting a hold of files; having a complete mirror on your local network is, simply put, awesome. It warned me that it may take up to 51 minutes to download the files, then proceeded to take exactly one minute and eight seconds. 1:08 over 51? Booyeah. I'm sure the mirror isn't completely up-to-date, but hey, any upgrades that came in over the last ten hours can wait until tomorrow. I'm not THAT bleeding edge...

As a bit of added fun, I decided to run my upgrade over SSH over SSH (yes, that's two sets of SSH, not a mis-type); here's hoping it doesn't crash halfway through and leave my server in a useless state. I really need to figure out how to use 'screen', I'm tellin' ya.

Whoops... and there it goes. Huh. I didn't see it kill Apache... ah well, I'm sure it'll be back. And then I'll post this. Hey, if you read this post, I'm back online, ok? :-)

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