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Sushi and Robots

(Wed Apr 14 22:10:29 2010)

It's not my birthday yet, but I've already gotten some presents. Yay!

My birthday isn't until May 4, but I've already gotten some stuff; Lindsay got me a really nice Sushi set, complete with plates, chopsticks (with dragons!), dipping bowls, and bamboo placemats. My brother, Chris, also got me something - a Rovio "mobile webcam" robot. Thus, my evening went like this:

5:15 - open Rovio box
5:16 - finish putting Rovio together, and start reading manual
5:20 - finish manual, and plug in Rovio
5:20 - eat supper, then get right back to robotics
7:15 - finally get Rovio to work with Linux. Ok, so I didn't choose the easy way, but hey, it's me!
7:45 - after running robot around a bit, start list of robot mods
8:45 - realize there is a firmware update for the robot, and install it
9:15 - brick robot. Who knew that you actually had to add a user when you enable security?
10:00 - decide against building a Windows box and installing XP on it just for one program. I'll install it at work, I think...

So, there you have it. Two hours from opening the box to getting it running under Linux, and a further two hours before I managed to lock myself out of said robot. Not too bad, if I do say so myself; those hours were mostly spent on non-robot things, too, like installing a wifi card in my PC, so I could connect to the 'bot without the included program. It's times like this that I wish I had a laptop...

Anyway, tune in tomorrow for the continued adventures of Rovio!

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