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Version 1.0

(Tue Apr 13 13:56:15 2010)

With little fanfare, I'm releasing version 1.0 of the site; this is, officially, the first release.

Thanks to my beta testers (me, Spaz, Atanamis, Infog), I've been able to work out a bunch of bugs, work in a lot of neat features, and work over the whole site.

So does this mean that I'm done? Not hardly. I've got a lot to do; email alerts are kludgy right now, and there is no way for guests to log in. The admin side of the site is, frankly, missing. The little bells and whistles that should be available (ie, emoticons, automatic tag generator, preview, asynchronous uploading, and so on) are just not there (yet). The layout, well, it needs some work. A lot of work, actually.

This is the first release, but it is by no means the last one. I'm planning on release 1.1 (admin stuff), 1.2 (lots more dynamic/javascript stuff, and better alerts), 1.5 (guest posting, private messages, and more), and I've even planned as far ahead as version 2.0 - log in with Facebook, auto-update Facebook/Twitter/Google Buzz/etc., and the addition of groups, so you can actually categorize people. I want to add the ability to upload video as well as more picture formats, a better picture viewer, and more stuff than even I can think of.

Which is why I need help.

This may be a personal project, but it's a big project, and honestly, I'd like to learn a few more skills - namely, running a CVS server, and communicating changes between two or more people. So, is there anyone out there who wants to learn how this stuff works, who might want to contribute an hour here or there? I'm not looking for someone with scads of programming knowledge, just someone who is willing to edit a CSS file, or write a perl subroutine, or troubleshoot some HTML. And hey, if you're someone I've never met - no problem! You can contact me through the "contact us" button at the left, or sign up for an account and reply here!

So... Anyone? Anyone at all?

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