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Water Warnings

(Thu Apr 1 11:58:26 2010)

Who knew water was so dangerous?

Our water cooler picked up a new sticker today; a big blue one, telling us to not drink out of the spout, and to stop spitting on it (well, not exactly, but that's pretty close). Couple this with the huge warning label underneath, telling us not to use water bottles, and we've got a great recipe for over-stickering.

In an obvious move (hey, it's April 1st, right?), I've designed a few of my own warnings:
CAUTION: Water May Be Wet
NOTICE: This Side Is Cold, That Side Isn't
WARNING: This product is known to be found in cancer in the state of California.
DANGER: Contains oxidane (DHMO). Inhalation can be fatal.

For those not "in the know," oxidane is another word for water, as is DHMO - dyhydrogen monoxide, or H2O.

Now all I need is some tape and a few minutes with nobody watching... :-D

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