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Weird Spending Habits

(Thu Mar 25 14:24:49 2010)

Ever compared what you spend? Sometimes, you get odd results...

Last night, Lindsay and I were figuring up how much we'd actually spent on various household objects. When you know what things cost, you can find some pretty interesting, though ultimately useless, facts. That's when I made a somewhat startling discovery...

All the furniture in our house, as well as furniture we've discarded or thrown away, cost us $135. We have lots of stuff we got for free, most of it nice stuff. However, total curtain rod purchases, including replacements for broken rods, and not including screws or the curtains themselves, comes to $84.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Either I've spent too much on curtain rods, or not enough on furniture; then again, those two put together are half what I spend on a standard computer. Go figure.

So what weird spending comparisons can you come up with?

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