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One down, none to go!

(Fri Mar 19 12:05:57 2010)

I checked off the last thing on my todo list today - sweet!

I'm thinking that this weekend, I'll actually release the first working version of this website (with little fanfare, I'm sure). Still, 1.0 means the site is stable, working, and generally doing what it's supposed to be doing. You can get alerts, customizable to your liking, and you can (for the most part) keep up via RSS. There are, obviously, many more things that need done; you've no idea what terrors lurk in the admin section, but I'm pretty sure you are painfully aware of how bad the graphic scheme is.

So, there is more to do - but I can breathe a little easier, now, secure in the knowledge that I at least have a stable base to return to, should I completely screw everything up. Yay!

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