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(Sat Mar 6 14:36:08 2010)

The Blag!?! is so close to 1.0, I can taste it - but I don't want to rush too much.

I've got a lot of things finished - and I mean a LOT of things. When I started the Blag!?!, there was obviously a lot to do. I had a blank slate, so to speak. Lots of room for growth, infinite possibilities, and so on. After a bit of work (read: years of on-again, off-again programming), the Blag!?! actually started to look like something, and functioned reasonably well. I kept adding things, from search functions to a sign-up page, until I realized that I needed a direction. I mean, I had direction, just not a direction. I knew what I wanted in the end product, but I didn't have a path to get there. So, I sat down and made a list. That list did change over time - a few things got added, and more than one was deleted - but I had a roadmap. Yesterday, I clicked a few pieces into place; hopefully, I can have this "feature complete" by Monday. In the last few months, I've added the ability to edit blags, edit comments, change settings, and I've stuck in a whole lot of Javascript and dynamic content. The Blag!?! doesn't work perfectly, but it's really, really close. The next week or so (assuming I can get email alerts to work right pretty quickly) will be spent looking at the Blag!?! and figure out what all needs fixed before the "official" release. In the meanwhile, I really, really need help - if you find something wrong, either make a comment, or add feedback; I really want to fix it. Really really.

I'm not shooting for being the next Facebook or Myspace or Twitter; I'm not even shooting for being the next LeTourneau Student Forum. Really, I'm just trying to make a social website with some interesting features. Well, semi-social. Not reclusive, at least.

Still, it would be nice to have some members :-P

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