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(Thu Feb 25 09:16:26 2010)

Ian is crawling! Well, he's mobile, at least.

He's been able to pull himself upright to a sitting position for a few weeks, and to a standing position for at least a couple weeks. Lately, he's been pushing himself in circles; he'll sit down, flop onto his tummy, then push sideways with his hands until he spins. Yesterday morning, however, he decided enough is enough, and started pushing himself forward! It's not very fast, and it tires him out pretty quickly - three feet of pushing means a good long break - but he can get around. This spells the end of an era (the put-him-down-and-he-stays-where-you-left-him era) but all in all, that's a good thing. Sure, he'll get into trouble, but hey; all kids do that. Now, he doesn't need to be picked up and carried over to new toys; he's so curious, he gets bored with same ol', same ol'. New toys on the other side of the room no longer mean he has to cry to get moved over to them; now, he just crawls on over!

He's really growing up; he's interacting with people, smiling, cuddling, and now pushing himself around the room. Xan can't wait until he's old enough to play games with, obviously, but he still has fun feeding him little pieces of cereal and dragging him around the house.

They grow up so fast...

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