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Silly Firefox, bugs are for IE!

(Tue Feb 23 12:23:10 2010)

Firefox is usually pretty good... usually.

I put in a fix yesterday to repair a bug on the site - Firefox was not working correctly. It seems that if a div covers another div, the links in the covered one refuse to work. Now, usually, this is perfectly fine, expected even. You wouldn't want to click on a link that you can't see. However, in Firefox, the div is counted as "covered," even if the "covering" div is hidden. That's not a good idea. It means that, for example, my big "your browser is stupid" page covers up all the sidebar links completely. That's not a good thing. It was an easy fix, granted - I just raised the sidebar to the top - but it was a fix that I shouldn't have had to implement. If a div has display set to "none," it should be gone completely. It shouldn't be there, but invisible; it should be completely, totally, and wholly be missing.

The embarrassing part? It worked just fine in IE. Oh, sure, we expect it to look right in Opera, but Firefox! The bastion of free, open-source web browsing can't even render a (standards-compliant!) page correctly? Ouch.

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