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Downtime and Upgrade

(Sat Feb 20 22:18:19 2010)

Ah, upgrades. Gotta love them. Eventually.

I should have done it weeks ago, but I finally got around to moving the server to its new home. Same hard drive, much better RAM. And processor. And case - whew! This case is a monster! The thing weighs more than my son! It's a bit loud, which is annoying, but I'll soon fix that by moving is out of my general vicinity, and onto a nice tall shelf. Well, if it'll fit... good grief, it's a beast.

Anyway, if you were looking at the site earlier today, that's the reason it wasn't around. It's a bit sobering, though - chances are, nobody noticed. Ah well...

EDIT: Also, I've done a bit of work on the blag - I've added counts to the blag tags, and I've given the search function a major overhaul. It's working much more efficiently now - not to mention getting you better results. For some reason, it was throwing away results that didn't match the case you used - that is, searching for "rss" would get different results than searching for "RSS", and "baby" and "Baby" would also get different results.

Anyway, that's been fixed; nothing from my great To Do Before Release list, but it needed to get done.

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