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(Wed Feb 17 17:11:18 2010)

New features! Yay!

First blag tags, now the ability to delete comments! All that's left on my list is editing comments, fixing Settings, sending email alerts, and making comments available to non-javascript users! Woohoo! It feels good to get things done, I must say.

There are, of course, a lot of rough edges (a list of blag-tags to choose from, maybe?), but it's getting better for sure. That's two things off my list in the last week; not bad, considering. I've found a few more places to tidy up my code, and gotten a few bugs fixed before they even caused trouble.

At the current rate, I'll be releasing Blag 1.0!?! before my birthday. Oh, and here's hoping I won't be sick... sigh.

Also also, I really do need feedback. I realize no one reads this, but still. It'd be nice :-P

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