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Kicked Offline

(Tue Feb 16 10:16:26 2010)

Anyone notice the site was down yesterday? Yeah. Oops.

If you tried to get to the site yesterday, you might have noticed that there was a bit of a problem - not only was the site not there, but it was also, it seems, missing a 404 page.

Sorry about that. Or more specifically, my son is sorry about that. See, my webserver recently upgraded to a much nicer hard drive; faster, newer, and with 100% less CLACKLACKLACKLACKLACK sounds. Unfortunately, the case I've been using is missing all its hard drive mount trays, so the drive is sitting in a cardboard box beside the server. On the floor. I know, I know, hindsight is 20/20; I probably shouldn't have left the bag of candy on the desk over said server. Yesterday, Xan wandered into my room and decided to grab a handful of candy. While he was at it, he kicked the hard drive power cable loose, which sent the OS into "Gee, where did all the data go" mode. For some reason, everything kept running smoothly, even though everything was technically gone. The upside? The webserver was running happily. Well, maybe not happily, but it was at least running. The downside? The files, settings, etc. were all gone. Not good. It's bad enough to be kicked offline, it's worse when it was an actual kick that did it...

I got it repaired, but tonight I'm going to build a new home for my poor server. It'll be offline for a little while, but not long. Hopefully, this means there will be a lot more ram and processor available than currently. 128MB hasn't bit me yet, but it is bound to do so...

Looking back, I realize I've already mentioned this unfortunate setup... heh. Yeah, time to fix that.

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