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(Mon Jan 25 12:44:23 2010)

I love Linux. I really do. It's free, it's portable, it's fun to use, and it's easy to work with...


This is a problem. See, I would love it if to Windows users to Linux users ratio flipped; that would be simply awesome. However, there are a few basic things that need work, and a few more not-so-basic things that would blow Windows out of the water... if they existed.

As far as basic operating system stuff, Linux has it all. You can install drivers, change your background, and all sorts of other useful things. No problem there.
How about Internet stuff? Again, easy; there might be a tech-support call when you try to install Flash, but other than that, you're golden. Firefox is probably already installed, and if not, it's a cinch to install it (or Opera).
So what else is there? Sound? Got ya covered. Movies? Yep. DVD? Of course. Blueray? Sure. Image editing? Um... well... hmm... yeah, kinda... if you just...

There's where it falls apart. So much in the Linux world matches or surpasses basic Windows pretty easily, but image editing... not so much. On the Windows side of things, I've used Paint. I've used Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. I currently use Paint .NET at work. Paint is basic, but it works; Paint.NET is free, and does an awesome job at cutting/cropping/moving/blurring/layering.

So how about Linux? Well, there's Gimp. I've been working with it for half an hour now, and I can't apply a simple blur filter. I mean, come on! When I click "blur tool", then click on the image, I expect something to happen. I would rather like to see the image get blurred. It's no hard; just a simple blur would be fine, no fancy stuff. Why is this so hard? I've heard people say that Gimp scares away new users. Well, yeah, that's true, but it's a bit off the mark. Really, Gimp scares away *all* users.

When I did drafting, it took me a bit to pick up the new program. A couple days later, though, I was well on my way towards doing exactly what I needed. It was a new environment; I hadn't used that particular program before, though I had used other programs. It was similar enough, though, that I could figure it out. Gimp? Gimp is not similar. It's nothing like Paint, and it's not even that close to Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, or even Paint.NET. I mean, I found an online photo editor, opened a picture, clicked "blur", then clicked "save", because it was exactly what I wanted. Why couldn't Gimp be that easy?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to drop Linux because I don't like Gimp. But seriously, folks, we need something else. Gimp just isn't worth it; too many users will open it up, expecting to hit the ground running, then realize they don't even know where the ground *is*! It really should be as easy as open a file, click blur, click save, close... and until that changes, we're stuck where we are.

Edit: I might have found something; I'll tell you about it once I've used it a bit.

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