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Internet Fail

(Tue Jan 19 21:46:56 2010)

It has been, I fear, a bad week for connectivity.

For some reason, for the last three months or so, my DSL connection has become increasingly fragile. At first, it would just turn off for a few moments, though sometimes it would get hung up; as time progressed, however, the delays got longer, and the average connection speed would get slower. I used to get between 5 and 6 Mbps, but as of late, the average was closer to 2-3Mbps. Since Sunday, the usual speed has been around 200-300kbps, and dropping as low as 96kbps - that's only twice the speed of a decent dial-up connection! Pitiful! Today has been the worst, however; I've gotten it to connect just twice, the first just long enough to read my webcomics, and the second for just long enough to connect to my home computer, though not long enough to do anything.

I'm considering moving the Blag!?! to an off-site location, or at least a backup location - the trouble being, of course, what I'm allowed to do (or not do). I've got a LOT of custom scripts, including the CGI stuff, Apache, and some SQL cleanup scripts. Ah well, maybe I'll find something.

Meanwhile, this blag may or may not stay online. If it does go online, read fast! My connection might not survive more than a few moments!

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