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Falling In

(Sat Jan 16 22:55:24 2010)

I like movies. Movies, TV shows, radio dramas, and of course, best of all, books.

Sure, I'll watch documentaries, or read biographies, or listen to technical-manuals-on-tape. Ok, maybe not the last one. Still, I have a pretty wide range of tastes in my media. Biographies and nature shows are fine, but what really grabs me are the ones that pull you in. Books, movies, radio; it doesn't matter the media. I love it when I find myself at the end of a TV show, blinking, forced back into the "real world." If it's powerful enough to grip my imagination, pull me into the world - that's what I love. Some movies try, and end up being "pretty good" - but some pull you in. No longer am I a guy watching a screen with rapidly changing pictures and a synchronized soundtrack; I'm part of the action, the drama, the comedy.

Usually, books, TV, movies, whatever, leave me satisfied; not overly excited about it being over, not relieved that it's finally through, just warm and happy. Sometimes, of course, I find myself wishing I could get a refund on time invested; not every book is Lord of the Rings. Then again, there are some gems. Every so often, a TV show breaks away from the pack and does something crazy - kills off a character, takes the plot at a 90 degree angle, even jumps completely outside its universe - and yet, does it so well that you can't help but love it. It doesn't always work, of course. I've seen a few shows drop all the main actors and try to keep running, but not everyone can make another Doctor Who. I've read books that throw you into a completely new universe, but so abruptly that it throws you clear of the plot, and from there on everything just seems silly.

No, it takes talent - and, obviously, the interest of the viewer/reader/listener - to pull something like that off. Still, it happens - and I love it. That's why I like fringe TV shows, I think; they are far enough out there that they can afford to make "smart people" jokes without losing their audience. Sometimes, you have to stick with a show for a while before it starts working out; "Dollhouse" was pretty slow the first half season, but it's getting quite interesting. The Discworld books didn't start out on the best foot, either, but look where they are now!

It's also why I like science fiction and fantasy; as interesting as a cop and lawyer show can be, it's pretty hard to shake things up. But a show where you live on a spaceship? Wait until the next book, when you learn they are actually a computer simulation, and the plot gets ever thicker.

So what movies do you watch? What books do you hold above all others? Do you like the shows that pull you in, that hook you with technology and wow you with acting - or would you rather watch just another mindless action film, or read a book with a plot so recycled you recognize chapter four from the last book? Do you prefer your entertainment be "cultural", or do you drink in every moment of a low-budget wonder? I'd really like to know; I love twists, and while I'm not adverse to action and comedy, I don't mind the occasional drama, either. What do you like? What story makes you fall in?

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