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(Wed Jan 13 17:25:39 2010)

So, I just unboxed my new video card. I finally got my computer back up and running, thank goodness.

I was about to go mad, using computers that didn't have my shortcuts and other personality-driven settings. Meanwhile, my new video card... whew. It's a BFG branded nVidia. I'm pretty sure, at this point, that BFG stands for BIG FREAKING GRAPHICS CARD. This thing is HUGE! I've seen two-slot video cards before, but this takes the cake. It's a full-length, double-width card, with a LOT of weight to it. I'm glad it has two brackets to hold it up, because otherwise, it would just rip my poor PCIe slot off the motherboard...

Tonight, I'm planning on creating my new Mediacenter; for about $250, counting shipping, I bought a case, ram, and a dual-core processor (1.6Ghz) mini-ITX motherboard (it's 6 inches square) with an nVidia 9300 integrated video. At full speed, supporting a hard drive and DVD player, it pulls 30W. Oh, and did I mention this whole thing is going to be a 6 inch cube? I could make it smaller by making my own case, obviously, but as it is... it's plenty small. And light. And quiet. This board, above all other boards, makes me want to buy lots and lots, just so I can make all sorts of awesome case mods... Man. Anyone want a computer built for them? $300? Anyone?

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