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(Sat Jan 9 19:06:47 2010)

I made an important discovery. Backups are important, but more than that, WHERE you back them up.

See, if you back everything up on a different drive in the same computer, that's pretty good; you've taken care of probably half of the errors that could befall you. However, the other half of things - namely, the whole computer going WHOOM - can mess that up. Oh, and tripping over your computer's power cables? That counts as WHOOM. I'm not talkin' the main power cable - I'm talking about the internal power cables (yes, yes, it also highlighted the fact that I should put the drives IN the computer, I know, I know).

Yeah. So, after tripping over the power cables, I realized, "Gee. The computer isn't responding." I reboot. No hard drives? This is bad. I did find the error, but not after a heart attack moment. I'now reearhiga y ba u heipsg f

Oooookay... so, that last bit there was a warning to me too. It said, loudly and incoherently, "Change the batteries on the keyboard." Sigh...

[One battery change later]

As I was saying, I'm now researching ways to email a backup of important files to myself. I figure gmail will be perfect for this, as has lots of online storage. It's completely in my power to do so, I just need to do it...

Meanwhile, I'm working with a handicap. I have a limited amount of time at my computer each day; partially because of work and family and other obligations, but right now mostly because my video card is drawing its last breaths. See, if I use my dual-screen setup (1680x1050 LCD + 2048x1536 CRT), I get a couple seconds before the screens go haywire and the computer locks up. If I use just the LCD, I can get up to maybe half an hour, assuming I don't do anything video intensive. Using a plain text screen, I can go on forever, because it never accesses the higher functions of the video card (including the ram, which is what I think went bad). Up side is that I have a new video card on the way; down side is that it's not paid for by MSI, because MSI warranty only goes to two years after manufacture date. Which was last year. Six months before I got the card. Sigh...

So yeah. Backups...

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