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A Few Upgrades

(Fri Jan 8 17:53:57 2010)

Yep, this is going to be a boring blag about site upgrades again.

Unfortunately, all the upgradin' I've been doin' hasn't actually gotten anything on my list completed, so here we are at January, and the site is still sitting at zero-point-something. Ah well.

I made a few tiny fixes, and added something AJAXy; it's not really AJAX, but it's at least dynamic and bandwidth-saving. Now, when you view someone's pictures, you will be presented with buttons to scroll up and down, instead of boring links to the next page. I'm trying to find a way to disconnect the "scroll" from the "get images" parts of the script; bear with me, it's the first real AJAX stuff I've done :-)

So, stay tuned; more updates are incoming (like the non-javascript fallback for the image page...)!

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