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(Thu Dec 31 20:57:09 2009)

This was an interesting Christmas; a bit of a reversal, of sorts.

Usually, Lindsay gets me a bunch of stuff (big and little), and I get her one big thing and a "family" thing (like a computer upgrade, or a tablecloth, or whatever). This year, though, I only got a couple things, but I got a nice Brother printer/scanner/copier for Lindsay, plus a really spiffy digital picture frame. She was quite pleased. Oddly enough, she was even more pleased when I told her I got the printer for free with points. It was awesome. :-D

I'm used to having lots of Christmas(es); one "personal family" Christmas, then one each with grandparents, and possibly another in there somewhere for a church party or homeschool get together. This Christmas, we had a home Christmas, then Christmas at my parents, then Christmas at Lindsay's. We had asked for gift certificates this year, which means less actually presents, but more stuff we actually want (Lindsay wants a Kindle; I doubt anyone would have shelled out $200-$400 for one).

So, this year, I'm going to get a new mediacenter - I found some awesome mini motherboards that will do nicely. I'm contemplating building a computer just to see how small I can get it... but, I'd need a buyer for that. Hmm. Anyway, this has been an interesting Christmas; it's not going to be done until halfway through January. Sweet :-D

Granted, it's not all about toys and tools (and food and wrapping paper and chocolate and driving and...). It's also about visiting family. I'll get into more detail later, but let's just say it was, for the most part, how it is every year. There's fun, lots of playing Worms, and general catching-up. This year, I haven't gotten sick, which is better than the last two Christmases; I've also gotten snow, and was able to play in it, which is better than... well, I can't remember the last good snow. Xan, by the way, loves snow; he had a bowl of snow with chocolate and strawberry topping, and absolutely loved it. Wish I would have gotten a picture...

So to sum up - it's been awesome. I got what I wanted, which included snow and family. I also got more fudge and candy and food than was good for me, but ah well.

Also, this should be my last post this year; I'll post again next year. Farewell, 2009; hello, 2010. I hope you're better than last year. Actually, it would be hard not to be, but you could at least try.

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