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(Wed Dec 16 17:17:07 2009)

I added a few simple modifications that should make things load a little faster

The corners and the W3C stuff at the bottom are all CSS sprites, now.

CSS sprites are cool. For instance, the images at the very bottom of the page are actually all one image - you're just seeing different parts of it. Note that they have mouseovers (Oooo!) - three images, plus three mouseovers, stuffed into a single image, all stacked together. To display them, I just set a link (with no text) to have that image as a background, then simply moved the image down for each link. For the mouseover part, I shift the image over. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it saves space, server calls, and precaching. Instead of 16 calls for corner images and 6 calls for W3C images, now I have 2 calls total. Sweet :-D

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