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(Wed Nov 25 15:36:46 2009)

This is a general to-do list, partially to tell you what's upcoming for change...

...and partially to remind myself.

Right now, we're at version 0.9; no longer in beta, the site is fully functional... at least as far as everything that has a function. Before I go to full one-point-oh action, I need to implement the following things:

1) Edit/Delete comments - this is a big one. Right now, the only way to edit or delete a comment is by me editing the database. Not so cool. I'm going to add edit/delete buttons for the one who posted, and a remove button for the blag owner.
2) Email alerts - I ask for your email address, but at this point, don't do much with it. I want to actually use it to alert you to posted comments and blag updates.
3) Blag Tags - you can tag your images right now, but I'd like to add blag tagging as well. It's almost complete on the back-end, I just need to make the user-page changes...
4) Feed splits - I have feeds (woo!), but I'd like to chop that into three pieces: blags and images together, like now; blags alone, and images alone. This is an easy one (he said hopefully).
5) Add noscript tags - this will complete the no-javascript-browser support. If your browser doesn't support javascript (mobile phones, Lynx, crazy people), you can still interact with general society.

That's all; five things! I'm impressed. My goal is to get these all implemented before January, and thus release 1.0.

I'm not stopping there, by any means; I already have plans for version 1.5 (with lots more admin stuff and a news section on the front page) and even 2.0 (adding in AJAX, text messaging support, and SVG usage topping the list). It's like the old joke - how do you eat an elephant? With BBQ sauce. No, wait. I meant, one piece at a time. Though BBQ sauce would be good... anyway. So that's what I'm working on.

Oh, and if you'd like to help? Just ask! :-)

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