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(Tue Nov 24 01:17:21 2009)

There are several sites I frequent daily...

There are several sites I frequent daily - Userfriendly, Schlock Mercenary, and Real Life, to name a few. There are also a few sites that I randomly remember, and read all the backlog; sites like Fail Blog, or IMMD (It Made My Day). It is the last that I am am blagging about...

It seems that there are rather a lot of people who will post little mini stories about their day, be it average, funny, or just plain weird. There are actually many sites dedicated to this; some, like Not Always Right stick with a specific theme, while others, like the above-mentioned IMMD, as well as My Life Is Average, seem to have a pretty open plan. Either way, they offer a glimpse into various lives of people around the country, and perhaps even the globe; IMMD lets you in on the never-enough-in-your-life moments that really make your day (getting passed by a speeder, only to pass him a mile later after he was pulled over by a cop). These sites aren't a public forum (well, they are, but I haven't touched the comment section yet); instead, they are a way to see that all those weird things you do, well, they're actually not so weird after all. If you've ever gotten a hamburger with a ketchup smiley face, or yelled, "To the Bat Mobile, Robin!" just to be silly, only to have an old geezer jump out and yell, "Holy hand grenades, Batman!", well, I'm betting that your life is average, for certain values of average.

It makes me glad, though; I read about people finding a date because they have a lightsaber on their iPhone, or having a grandpa that legally changed his name to Gandalf. I mean, how cool is that? My family does that; my friends are like that. Knowing these people are out there really just, well, IMMD. Because I know MLIA.

Sigh... it makes me miss college, though...

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