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(Mon Nov 23 17:18:14 2009)

I have a long list of stuff to do with the blag, but I've gotten at least one of them done. There ar

I have a long list of stuff to do with the blag, but I've gotten at least one of them done. There are still a pile of things I need to do with the blag (and the server in general) - for one thing, I need to set up cron to do all the little clean-up tasks. Hmm... at this point, I'm beginning to wonder if I should make an "install package" that will automatically set up and install everything blag-related; databases, passwords, and so on. I'll make a note of that...

But for now, I need to focus on a few glaring problems, like the image pages. Sure, the sorta-links work in Opera, but IE sure doesn't like 'em. Bleh. I'll probably need to use buttons instead of links; that would make it easier in the long run, anyway.

Right now, my blag/server list has only three things on it:
1) Check for problems caused by the move
2) Fix AJAX by adding a javascript library, and add AJAX and noscript to more things
3) Fix the (very few) annoying bugs laying around (such as above mentioned link->button conversion)

The first one will require a full sweep of functions; the second will require more thinking effort, but probably less time (especially since the library I need to write is pretty dang tiny, and 90% cut-and-paste). The third one is just annoying; I need to do it, but it's not "fun", so it'll probably take longer. However, once I do that, I'll be ready to call the first iteration of the site DONE. And then start working on 2.0, of course. On the extra-extra bright side, though, that will mean that the site will be able to remain (for the most part) static, apart from bug fixes. Which, honestly, is a good thing. I really just need help with this, though...

Anyway, on to a slightly different topic. Right now, the website runs on CGI. I don't intend to change this, however, I do intend to make it seem more "website-ish," by actually making virtual directories and such. That, of course, will require more work on the web server side, but I think it should work out. Thus, instead of "", my link will be "" - which is a lot easier to remember. For a single blag, instead of "?page=arman_1234567890", it'll be "/user/arman/2009-08-07_title_of_blag.html" or somesuch. Maybe even "/user/arman/2009/08/07/title_of_blag.html"... anyway, the idea is to make links more link-like. Even if all they do is redirect to a page, it'll be easier for users (like you!) to figure out where in the heck things are. Not to mention, if I do it like the last link, you can type in "/user/arman/2009/08/" and get a list of everything I wrote in August. Pretty cool idea...

Before I can do any "neat" stuff, though, I'm going to have to refactor some stuff. Right now, Apache does a few things, like redirecting to the main index, but I'm going to want to eventually have it start passing variables to the blag. As far as I can tell, it's a bit of a switch to go from putting the "where to go" variables onto the end of the string to putting them somewhere via apache (something about environment side variables...?).

Oh, right - and I added a delete button. Have fun with that! It still needs a little work, but at least it's there, right? :-)

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