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(Sun Nov 22 23:43:56 2009)

Ok, so if you checked the blag today, you would have noticed that it was... not there.

It was, technically, only it was in about a million pieces, both bitwise and physically. I have, since then, upgraded my computer's hard drive(s) to include a little more space... specifically, I moved from around 10 gigs total space (not counting anything in /usr) to 120 gigs (less a bit for swap). Nice. Now, obviously, I'd like to move to better hardware all 'round, with a single hard drive for root, another for /var, and yet more for other various directories, with various speeds and longevity ratings... but, well, that's for another day.

Meanwhile, I don't know if things will run any better, but I've cleared an amazing amount of leftover junk off my server in the last two days. I probably should have nuked and paved earlier, but, well, I thought I could save it. Ah well, I learned.

Now, I have four (very soon to be five) computers all running the same OS; since I have apt-mirror, all my updates (and new software installs, and and and...) move at the speed of light. Or at least the speed of my gigabit network. Sweeeeeet...

Next of the list, of course, is to run through everything on the server and make sure it still works. You never know when something is going to go wrong (though I think all my bases are covered; the database was the last piece of the puzzle). I'm also trying to determine exactly what uses what as far as resources, files, and so on, so I can both slim the server down, and speed it up. It should be faster, by the way - the database and the web files are both on a MUCH faster hard drive.

Well, that's all for tonight. Bedtime... ahhh...

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