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Too Many Days Between Blags

(Wed Nov 11 10:16:22 2009)

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been forever since I last blagged. Ah well.

At least I'm stepping up to the plate - and today is a doozy! At least three blags today, just because of what I've missed.

First off: Halloween. I'm not a big Halloween kind of guy - none of this trick-or-treat stuff. However, I love harvest parties - good food, lots of people having fun, and in the case of our church, the chance to hand out loads of candy. Our biggest outreach is our "Fall Fest" - each house group sets up a booth, and we have inflatable slides and such, plus food sales - turkey legs, hot dogs, sausages, chips, pop, etc. Last year, our booth was you-vs-Goliath. Everyone who played got a pie tin full of shaving cream to throw at the guy who stuck his head through the Goliath cutout. This year, we had a fishing booth, complete with glow-in-the-dark fish.

Now, while I'm not into Halloween, anything that lets me make use of my creative talents is awesome. Last year, my family went as super heroes; Xan was Xan Man (a cape and a big X on his front), Lindsay was Glow-in-the-Dark Girl (glow-in-the-dark paint on shirt, pants, and cape), Chris (my brother) was The Shoveler (hard hat, big shovel, little shovel, and a big leather belt), and I was Ductape Man (shirt and pants of ductape). This year, we decided to be Medieval. I was a Robin Hood-esque swordsman type (with an awesome copper-link belt and a leather arm piece), Xan was a soldier (complete with helmet, shield, sword, and awesome cloth-and-leather lace-up shirt), Lindsay was a Lady (long flowing dress and pointy hat), and Ian was a jester (Lindsay crocheted him a red-and-green outfit, complete with two-pointed hat). I felt especially the part, as I purchased a big ol' turkey leg to chomp on. The best part was, the shirt was disposable, so I could wipe my hands and face on it indiscriminately, just like in the days of yore!

I don't like what Halloween is to many people - a time to experiment with seances, to play with witchcraft, or worst yet, to trivialize the occult. Dressing up as a witch or a demon or a ghost might seen like "good fun," but there are enough strings attached to those things that you could get hurt, possibly without even realizing it. I also don't like the gimme-gimme-gimme attitudes; more candy, or we egg your house, or TP your lawn. Not cool.

I *do* like what my church offers instead - a chance to get candy, play games, and interact with people, without worrying about freaks, perverts, or bullies. I get to invent costumes (I've made the costumes for me and my family the last couple years), help with manning a booth (I actually built the booth this year, it turned out really well), and generally have good, clean fun.

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