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(Mon Oct 5 11:11:50 2009)

During a bit of downtime, I was looking for some software for my phone (and my wife's phone).

Lo and behold, I found a new browser - Skyfire. It's a "Desktop-web" browser; like Opera mini, it downloads a webpage to a server, reformats it to an image format, and sends it to my phone. The awesome part is that is can format anything - Flash, YouTube, and so on - so you truly get the full web. There are downsides, obviously; with this, the view size is pretty small. High interaction flash (like most games) is also right out, because some things just don't stream well. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the crushed, ugly, badly formatted pages IE mobile displays.

Another downside is compatibility - Skyfire was built for Windows Mobile and some Nokia phones, but that's it. In fact, I couldn't find anything for Palm OS. I just don't like that OS, I think... Windows Mobile might not be perfect, but I've loved how it works - and how it has so much free software for it!

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