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(Sat Sep 12 00:46:03 2009)

That's right; I've gotten a new monitor. And actually-really-new-not-even-used-once-still-smells-

That's right; I've gotten a new monitor. And actually-really-new-not-even-used-once-still-smells-like-new-monitor, new monitor. I know, I know, I stepped outside my happy little life and into the Brave New World of new expensive computer things, but it needed to happen. My old monitor was making strange little popping sounds every once in a while, and it was so dark (even at top brightness+contrast and awkward ugly alpha), I was having trouble playing many computer games. Some were so dark and contrast-free that it looked like I was playing a black screen. Then there was my second monitor - so fuzzy, I couldn't read 14 point fonts on it. Talk about headache-inducing. Finally, there was my wife's monitor. Her computer desk is rather thinner than most computer desks, so her monitor didn't sit straight. If it did, it would hang off the edge...

Anyway, so I finally got enough money in my wish/want/need savings account to buy two monitors. One for me, one for my wife. $119 each, plus $16 shipping. Ordered it Wednesday, got it today. Talk about service! That's why I love Newegg...

When I got home from work, I first installed Lindsay's monitor, then my own. Due to general weirdness on her computer, it thought it was only 1440x900. Wrong! Extra, extra wrong! Once I got mine set up, I figured out how to set hers correctly (mine did it automatically), and we were on our way with 1680x1050 resolution. Yeah, baby.

Then came the big shuffle - my main monitor went to storage, my second monitor went to... well, an empty spot on the floor, and Lindsay's old monitor became my second monitor. Looking at her monitor (previously the best in the house), I realize I waited too long to get LCD monitors. Her monitor looks terrible next to the new screen. Not as bad as "Fuzzy" or "DarkPops," but still.

So what's next on the technology front? Well, I'd like to replace the TV (23in. CRT monitor) with an LCD, but they start getting EXPENSIVE once you get past 20in. So that's not going to change any time soon. I did see some neat tech, though - line cleaners. They buffer your line, providing clean 60Hz sine waves, even during under- or over-voltage - even brief power outages (less than one second)! For $20, it might just be worth it.

But back to the point: my monitor is awesome, with a side of sweetness and BIG for dessert. Mmm... technology...

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