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(Tue Sep 8 16:39:52 2009)

I'm really trying to get the RSS feeds working right.

Right now (I realized), it doesn't update automatically. Oops. I'm working on changing that so it will automatically your feed every time you post a blag or a picture.

Meanwhile, I *have* managed to get it to correctly display images inside the feed. Now instead of a boring link, you get an exciting image! Or a boring image, I guess, if you uploaded a boring image... but why would you want to do that?

Edit: Oh, and I also got that silly 404 page fixed, so it gives you a decent message when you post a blag. Now to make the same mistakes - er, I mean, fixes - for the image upload.

Edit: Well, that was easy! I'm pretty sure it'll automatically update your rss every time you post an image or blag, now. How spiffy is that?

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