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Java + Webpage = Profit?

(Fri Sep 4 16:50:10 2009)

I'm learning Java for a project at work. Having already learned C/C++ and Perl, which are C-style sy

I'm learning Java for a project at work. Having already learned C/C++ and Perl, which are C-style syntax, has made it pretty easy, but there are still a few quirks I'm not sure if I like. The "pure Object-Oriented language" has thrown a few curve balls at me, but overall, I could stand to program in this. Apart from the few quirks, I've actually enjoyed programming in Java; its C syntax is refreshing, compared to my usual VB.Net coding. It seems like it makes me think more, which is usually a good thing.

As always, though, I go about things a little bit differently. Rather than carefully learning Java, then moving on to Java applets, and finally integrating Java, JavaScript, and HTML into one neat little package, I started at the hard end. I programmed a (working!) Java applet my first time through; the day after I got it working, I tossed the visual part out the window and jumped into Java-plus-JavaScript-plus-HTML. Now, I have a functioning applet, written in Java, that displays 100% of its messages through the browser. The applet itself is a single pixel at the top of the page - the "man behind the man," as it were. Forget passing parameters through the applet interface to make it blend in to the rest of the page - it IS the rest of the page!

That being said, I've got a few more interesting bits to work through. Since I have no images apart from gif, jpg, and (if you have the right browser) svg, I can't do any fun graphics. Unless I manipulate divs, of course. Can you see where this is going? That's right, I've already written part of it in nothing but div tags and text. It actually looks decent; I'm impressed with me.

Meanwhile, there are other things on the horizon at work... stay tuned for more news. This could get exciting :-)

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