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Baby, baby!

(Sun Aug 9 12:52:55 2009)

So, this morning my wife nudged me and said,

"Dear, my water is breaking." (Note: "Is breaking," not "broke" - my wife is *very* aware of her body). It's noonish, now, and the contractions are closer together (I'll post a graph later). this is a lot slower (and better) than the last one. For one thing, we're not waiting on a midwife to show up!

I'll update this when things progress; for now, things are moving. That's enough for me!

UPDATE: Ian Brenton Metzger was born 4:25PM (Central time). He weighs... well, we have no idea, because we don't have a scale that does ounces...

Lindsay is tired. I am tired. Ian is tired. Xan just left to stay with Grandma and Grandpa.

I'm going to eat something and take a nap.

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