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(Fri Aug 7 14:41:32 2009)

Blagtastic today, aren't I?

Well, it's mostly because I'm watching a video feed of an operator programming parts... I'm making sure my camera program is working as it should.

Anyway, I'm releasing blagwatching to the general public in a few minutes; this will give you a little "alerts" link under "log out," as well as give you a setting in your preferences. Currently, you have two options: be alerted, or not be alerted. All the email and SMS stuff is currently marked "future."

Meanwhile, all new blags will be auto-watched by you; to stop watching a blag, click the "stop blagwatching" link under each one (I know, annoying, but hey, it's better than it was).

I'll get back to you on what else is changing.

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