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(Fri Aug 7 11:56:03 2009)

(This is a reproduction of a paper I wrote a while back)

Ever wonder what a foon was? I mean, there are forks (those things with four tines that end in points), spoons (no tines or points, just an oval thing), and even sporks (oval thing with points, but no tines). But what's a foon?

Let's break down the descriptions of the other objects.
Fork: 4 tines, points
Spoon: no tines or points, oval shape
Spork: oval shape, points, no tines

If a foon is also a mixture of a fork and spoon, but with the attributes NOT used by a spork, we can assume that a foon has four tines, but is not oval shaped and has no points. Obviously, this means that a Foon must have four strips that are joined at the top and bottom, so no tine comes to a point. In fact, that object already exists, though it is called by other names, obviously: A beater!

Another mystery, solved - by SCIENCE!

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