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(Sun Aug 2 14:41:02 2009)

Insane (adj.): afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement; "was declared insane"

See also: Andrew Metzger

Lots of people tell me I'm insane. Single-handedly rebuilding the floor and walls of a decent portion of my house? Insane! Writing the blag instead of just signing up on a commercial blogging site? Insane! Delivering a baby without the assistance of a doctor or midwife? Insane, insane, insane! Ripping up the flooring in the kitchen, moving the stove and fridge, and installing laminated flooring by hand with no tools besides a hacksaw and a hammer, all while the baby is already past due to be born? Oh, the huge manatee!

Ok, so maybe that last one might be enough to push me into the realm of the clinically unstable. It's been worth it, though; the baby hasn't decided to be born while the stove is sitting in the living room, and the floor looks absolutely awesome. I'll even post pictures! [note: this never happens] Between the floor and the cabinets, the room has really changed. For one thing, there is room to put things in drawers now; no more boxes of unopened glassware and dishes, huzzah! For another, the kitchen is now the kitchen, instead of "that room that has a stove and a sink, but still has the same linoleum as the dining room, the living room, the hallway, and the bathroom."

Meanwhile, I stayed up to 2am installing flooring, because the stove clock turns off when you unplug the stove. Sigh...

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