Arman's stuff

(Sun Jul 26 00:27:34 2009)

The site went through a bit of a rocky patch in the last 24 hours, if you hadn't noticed...

I upgraded from Debian 4 to Debian 5; between this and that, it took until this afternoon to get it finished, and even then there were a few bugs to work out (though I did find a bug in the Blag!?!, which I've since fixed). I think the blag it so the point where it uses resources and such within the capabilities of the computer I'm using and the Internet connection I have (except for the random failures - dunno what that's about). However, my 'dream' for this site is... well, it's way beyond what the hardware can handle, never mind the Internet connection.

Which brings me to my current problem. This site needs members; beta testers, bug finders, white-hat hackers. It's a good site, but it needs to be poked and prodded and mulled over.

Any takers?

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