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(Fri Jul 10 17:04:20 2009)

If you go to, you'll find this site, only lighter.

If you go to, you'll find this site, only lighter; the files are smaller, and there is a lot less markup to run through. The content is the same, but if you browse on a mobile phone, that site will be quite a bit lighter and faster than this one. There's a few other differences - the blag and the static site are more integrated on the mobile side, for one - but it's mostly the same.

Granted, the graphics are off; it's designed for a mobile phone, not a browser. After using a couple emulators and a couple phones, I must say the light side of things is much easier to use than the "full" version, on a phone. On a computer, it looks terrible, of course, but that's not the point. Eventually, I'll work out the css file, and I know there's still a lot of markup that doesn't need to be there; one more thing to do, I guess.

Do note that the mobile site still uses png images; I'm all for mobile-friendly websites, but I'm not going to be THAT friendly :-)

I'm working on a way to automatically direct you to the mobile site if you're on a mobile device (or superlight browser, like lynx), but it looks like there's no standard way for a mobile browser to tell the site what it is, so I might be a while on that...

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