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(Fri Jul 10 14:32:17 2009)

Shock! Horror! Outages! Exclamation points!

If anyone tried to access the wobsite between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM on Thursday, you were turned away without so much as a by-your-leave. For some reason, my internet cut out, redirecting every link to a braindead repair site. It wanted to install random crap on my computer to fix things - not gonna happen. Nevermind the fact that I run Linux... anyway, I used my virtual install of Windows 7, but that didn't work either, because the installer crashed. It doesn't like IE 8, it seems. Or Windows 7. Or Windows XP, as I learned half an hour later. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

After beating it with a stick for a while, I managed to find the problem; I had recently changed my password on the DSL account, and thinking that this would change the password on the DSL modem as well, I updated it at the same time. Not quite 24 hours later, it actually *tried* the new password, which turned out to not work any more. So, instead of telling me *that moment* that my password was wrong, it removed cause from effect by a long, long time. Stupid DSL. After resetting my password on the *modem* side of things, all was fine with the world. Hopefully I won't have another outage like that again. Sigh.

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