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(Thu Jul 9 22:41:38 2009)

It's not a very well known show; I'd never heard of it, anyway. It wasn't very long-lasting, either.

It had four seasons and a three hour special for the final episode. The regular seasons were pretty cool; lots of action, and lots of character development, too. There were a few really, really weird episodes - dream sequences, virtual reality games, and a "retelling" episode that was, quite simply, whacked out of its gourd.

It was the special that moved me the most, though; Aeryn Sun, John Crichton's wife, is pregnant. She's giving birth in the middle of a battle-for-the-universe. Touching, sure, but for me, it holds special value. Even after the baby is born - a boy - John releases a doomsday weapon to bring the two sides together. Simply releasing it puts his wife and son (and himself and all his friends) in danger, but he was willing to take that risk for peace.

When my son was born, I too delivered him without the aid of a doctor (see here). There wasn't gunfire going on around me, but the world at large is at war. Not just Iraq and Afghanistan; a war of the forces of good and the forces of evil. The war this world has known even before it was created.

The first thing I did with my son, even before the cord was cut, was pray for him. I dedicated him to the Lord - not just thanking God for his precious life, but giving him, body and soul, to God. I suppose that sounds a bit "out there" to no
When John set off the doomsday wormhole weapon, he let go of a tenuous "now" to attain a certain future for his son. When my son was born, I let go of the assumptions of the present, and gave him wholly to God, promising him a very certain future. Now, it's up to Xan whether he chooses that future or not; it's not like I've bought him his pass into heaven with my actions. It's more of a promise to God; I'm letting go of my son, letting God do His will, rather than my own.

Anyway, Farscape is an awesome series. It has ups, down, good guys, bad guys, bad guys that become good guys, and good guys that become bad guys (I knew the leather was a bad idea). And did I mention muppets? And wormholes?

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